Capital Flows

An electric car connected to a charger
Capital Flows, Data, Financials
April 22, 2024

In Charts: Redemptions drag global climate fund flows to lowest level in four years

Global flows into climate funds were valued at $40bn in 2023, accounting for more than half of flows into all funds
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Carbon Markets
April 17, 2024

IETA challenged over carbon credit use for short-term corporate emissions targets

Campaigners suggest carbon credit guidance from International Emissions Trading Association ‘disincentivises emissions reductions’
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Lorries driving on road, Scope 3 emissions
Carbon Markets
April 11, 2024

SBTi staff demand CEO resignation over plans to extend carbon credit use for Scope 3 emissions

Concern and confusion cited by staff at the Science Based Targets initiative, while carbon market companies back Scope 3 changes
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Oil rig off the coast of Mexico
Capital Flows, Data, Energy
April 10, 2024

In Charts: Canada, Japan, South Korea ‘blocking clean energy transition’ with fossil fuel finance

Most G20 fossil fuel financing came from just three countries between 2020 and 2022
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Solar panel installation
Capital Flows, Financials, Policy & Regulation, UK
April 8, 2024

Rocky markets and bumper ‘sin stock’ returns push investors away from impact investing

Governments could do more to encourage investors to put their money in companies trying to create a positive social or environmental impact Market instability and...
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Australia, Carbon Markets, Policy & Regulation
April 3, 2024

Market uncertainty as Australian government delays updating carbon accounting method

Australia’s integrated farm and land management methodology would combine various approaches to capturing and storing carbon, but there are fears it could lead to confusion
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Carbon Markets, US
March 20, 2024

California carbon offsets bill could ‘chill the carbon markets’ beyond state boundaries

California state senator Monique Limón has introduced a bill aimed at regulating the selling and marketing of carbon offsets
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Houses of Parliament
Capital Flows, Policy & Regulation, UK
March 7, 2024

Aid body dubs UK climate accounting changes a ‘kick in the teeth’ for developing countries

The UK government has pledged to spend £11.6bn on climate finance for emerging economies in the coming years. But it is simply reclassifying other forms of existing overseas aid without...
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Carbon Markets, EU, Policy & Regulation
March 5, 2024

Explainer: What are carbon removals and can they be made to work?

The EU’s carbon removal certification framework aims to increase the use of carbon removals while guarding against greenwashing. What do experts think of the latest draft?
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Woman working on laptop
Capital Flows, Data, Financials
March 1, 2024

In Charts: Retail ownership of responsible investment funds dominates institutions

Retail ownership of responsible investment funds outweighs institutional ownership globally, with the exception of the US
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forest fire
Carbon Markets, Knowledge Hub
February 27, 2024

Updated Oxford carbon offsetting principles seek VCM regulation

‘Hardly any of the carbon market removes and stores carbon at all,’ say the Oxford Offsetting Principles authors, as they call for the standards to be embedded in net zero...
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