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Carbon Markets, EU, Japan, Policy & Regulation
May 7, 2024

Carbon markets experts grapple with role of removals in ETS

The European Commission has until July 2026 to decide whether carbon removals should be included in the EU Emissions Trading System
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EU, Japan, Knowledge Hub, Policy & Regulation, South Korea
April 24, 2024

Importing low-carbon chemicals and steel can lower costs of transition

Some countries will struggle to produce renewable energy in sufficient quantities to decarbonise heavy industry
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Australia, Japan, Litigation, Policy & Regulation, US
April 5, 2024

In Brief: Esma targets credit rating agencies’ ESG methodologies; climate litigation heats up in Europe

The latest ESG policy and regulatory news
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Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan, Policy & Regulation, UK, US
March 1, 2024

In Brief: Europe expands register of environmental crimes; Singapore to implement mandatory ISSB standards

The latest ESG policy and regulatory news
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Japan, Policy & Regulation
January 31, 2024

Why Japan’s ‘shaming’ reforms could spark investor activism and hostile takeovers

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has updated its governance rules, and hopes its monthly listing of compliant companies will persuade others to follow
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Interviews, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Policy & Regulation, Singapore
September 21, 2023

Asia-Pacific under pressure to adopt ESG disclosure rules

As western markets face stringent sustainability obligations, their supply chain producers in Asia-Pacific are looking to beef up their own ESG expertise in order to...
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Energy, Japan
September 6, 2023

Wind power projects halted as unintended consequences for nature emerge

Governments favour wind power as a clean alternative to fossil fuels, but the energy source – which often involves locating massive turbines in pristine environments – can have an unwelcome...
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July 12, 2023

How foreign investors are forcing Japan to act on ESG

Foreign investor engagement with Japanese company boards is bringing climate and ESG issues to the fore. Yet, some analysts suggest that for many Japanese companies, ESG is still more of...
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