EU, Policy & Regulation
March 20, 2023

Brussels Briefing: The EU’s Net Zero Industry Act

New policies aimed at creating a competitive European green industry include critical raw materials regulation and the establishment of a hydrogen bank, but have left...
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EU, Industrials, Policy & Regulation
March 15, 2023

EU parliament approves building renovation rules

The vote to improve the energy efficiency of buildings will require €275bn in new investments a year and has been supported by both industry and...
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EU, Policy & Regulation, US
March 15, 2023

Only 40% of companies report Scope 3 emissions, CDP says

Companies are struggling to report emissions linked to their supply chains, says the non-profit organisation. Just 41 per cent of companies that disclose to CDP...
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EU, Policy & Regulation
March 15, 2023

EU electricity market reform strengthens support for renewables

European Commission plans for tackling the energy crisis and boosting renewables have been broadly welcomed for providing better certainty for the sector. Proposals made yesterday...
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Soyabean harvesting in Argentina
EU, Policy & Regulation
March 13, 2023

EU urged not to greenwash agriculture

A group of 25 environmental NGOs have written to the European Commission urging it not to label intensive agriculture and industrial livestock production as sustainable...
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Energy, EU, Policy & Regulation, UK
March 9, 2023

What could the EU’s CBAM mean for emerging markets?

The EU mechanism to reduce carbon emissions related to imports could cause issues for developing countries, experts warn. The carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), which...
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Break during board meeting
EU, Financials, Policy & Regulation, UK
March 8, 2023

Female participation in UK finance more than 30% down since 1997

New report highlights women's persistent challenges in reaching senior positions and mirrors the findings of similar research across Europe. Analysis from the London Stock Exchange and the Centre for Economics...
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Countries' flags flying outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg
March 2, 2023

EU reaches agreement over green bond standard

The proposed European green bond regulation will set out the requirements for issuers of green bonds that are aligned with the EU taxonomy. Any attempt at greenwashing in the EU...
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Oil refinery gas flare
Energy, EU
March 1, 2023

EU methane regulation omits fossil fuel imports

A new report finds that EU regulation aimed at reducing methane emissions fails to factor in those associated with fossil fuels imported into the bloc. The EU’s proposed methane regulation...
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BNP Paribas bank logo
February 24, 2023

BNP Paribas hit by climate lawsuit in France

Three non-profits are suing BNP Paribas for taking insufficient action to end fossil fuel financing, though the bank insists its strategy of reducing oil and gas exposure is ‘largely on...
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EU, Industrials
February 22, 2023

EU approves subsidies for ArcelorMittal’s ‘two-speed decarbonisation’

The decision to help the steelmaker to build green hydrogen-powered plants in Europe while it maintains coal-reliant production elsewhere has drawn criticism. The European Commission is permitting the Spanish and...
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