Electricity pylons near wind turbines in Austria
Energy, EU, Financials, Knowledge Hub
April 9, 2024

EU’s €2.5tn energy infrastructure investment gap needs to be filled by 2050

Regulatory changes would help increase the financial appeal of decarbonisation, the member-based European Round Table for Industry argues
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Solar panel installation
Finance, Financials, Policy & Regulation, UK
April 8, 2024

Rocky markets and bumper ‘sin stock’ returns push investors away from impact investing

Governments could do more to encourage investors to put their money in companies trying to create a positive social or environmental impact Market instability and...
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Silhouettes of pumpjacks above oil wells
Energy, EU, Financials, Knowledge Hub, Policy & Regulation
April 4, 2024

EU member states lag on pledge to scrap export finance for fossil fuels

EU member states committed in 2022 to stop public finance for fossil fuel energy through export credit agencies by the end of 2023
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electric vehicle battery production in Germany
Data, Financials
April 2, 2024

In Charts: Energy transition pushes private climate funds into high-emitting sectors

The number of funds with names referring to climate has jumped in recent years Private funds with names referring to the climate are highly concentrated...
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Energy, Financials, Policy & Regulation, Transport
March 28, 2024

IMO talks dodge question on future distribution of shipping emission revenues

While negotiations continued behind closed doors on how to price maritime carbon emissions, the UN has yet to determine a suitable governance framework to disperse...
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Financials, Knowledge Hub
March 26, 2024

Fink extols ‘energy pragmatism’ in letter to BlackRock investors

Those in charge of energy around the world believe renewables are important, but recognise that fossil fuels will play a role in maintaining security of...
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Financials, Sector Focus
March 25, 2024

Banks under pressure to reveal data comparing green and fossil fuel spending

Criticism sparks agreement by JPMorgan and Citigroup to develop a ratio to show whether a bank’s fossil fuel financing is outstripping the amount it is investing in clean energy 
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London Stock Exchange Group logo
Financials, Knowledge Hub
March 22, 2024

Over half of carbon-intensive debt set to mature before the end of 2030

Carbon-intensive issuers have increasingly depended on shorter-term debt, says the London Stock Exchange Group
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BlackRock headquarters in New York
Asset Management, Financials, Knowledge Hub
March 20, 2024

BlackRock, LGIM and Amundi among asset managers accused of greenwashing passive funds

Non-profit Reclaim Finance has analysed 430 passive funds that carried sustainability claims
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Woman working on laptop
Data, Finance, Financials
March 1, 2024

In Charts: Retail ownership of responsible investment funds dominates institutions

Retail ownership of responsible investment funds outweighs institutional ownership globally, with the exception of the US
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Asset Management, Financials, Sector Focus
February 27, 2024

Student boycott of Vanguard highlights recruitment pressure on corporates over ESG

Many young people are choosing not to work for companies they believe have a poor record on environmental, social and governance issues
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