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Policy & Regulation
August 1, 2022

Can EU ‘women on boards’ directive bring unified progress to a patchwork area?

The directive will introduce EU-wide quotas for board-level gender balance, but does not include targets for executive management. After a decade of stalled progress, the...
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Data, Policy & Regulation
May 12, 2022

Gas volatility exposes weaknesses in EU energy policy

Gas prices are now projected to remain stubbornly higher than envisaged by costings for current EU strategy. The EU’s latest energy policy proposals do not...
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Policy & Regulation
March 31, 2022

Biodiversity catching up to climate as EU advisers outline details on taxonomy

The publication of technical guidance on the EU green taxonomy has added impetus to the growing weight of measures ensuring that investors and corporates adequately...
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Knowledge Hub
January 27, 2022

ESG news: January 27 edition

The Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance got serious with new commitments this week, while the EU's advsory body hit back at attmempts to shoehorn 'transitional'...
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December 16, 2021

2022 to test net zero commitments as thought leaders look beyond climate

Investors, companies and governments alike will have to put meat on the bones of their new climate pledges Investors and corporates will have to match...
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Alessandra Pasini, CFO of Snam
Interviews, Sector Focus
December 8, 2021

Energy group Snam moves ahead with green transition

Renewable energy infrastructure as well as clear asset definitions are essential in a green and just economy At the end of November, Italian energy infrastructure...
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Policy & Regulation
December 2, 2021

Compatibility issues to emerge as taxonomies learn the EU’s lessons

As governments like the UK seek to learn from the European bloc, experts stress the importance of interoperability Taxonomy and disclosure systems around the world are improving on the efforts...
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