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November 7, 2023

Editor’s note: greenwashing and SFDR nuances

Coca-cola plastic bottles
The European Consumer Organisation claims that the ‘100%’ recycling claims featured on Coca-Cola’s, Danone’s and Nestlé’s plastic bottles sold across Europe are misleading (Photo: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg)

The latest edition of our Sustainable Views newsletter

Dear reader,

First off, thanks to all the readers who got in touch about yesterday’s missive. The anti-ESG debate – with its regional nuances – seems to be rising in Europe too. Do keep your comments coming, particularly on whether this tension will result in more or less sustainable finance regulation.

One expert who doesn’t mince her words shared her views on ESG rulemaking in our new podcast episode. Hear what Desiree Fixler makes of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation – and much more – by listening on our website, or on your usual podcast channels.

Speaking of SFDR, would it surprise you to know that the most sustainable funds in Europe are growing their exposure to tobacco products (from emerging markets)? Or that alcohol stocks are becoming more prevalent in other, less strict ESG funds?

My guess is that you won’t be gasping in horror, but that – like us – you’ll want to examine the data and read analysts’ commentary. You’ll find both in our latest “in charts” story.

Also today, we bring you the news of a complaint against Coca-Cola, Danone and Nestlé over their plastic bottle recycling claims.

The European Consumer Organisation says that the “100%” recycling claims featured on the companies’ plastic bottles sold across Europe are misleading and amount to an infringement of consumer protection law. 

The organisation, known as BEUC, the abbreviation of its French name, has filed an “external alert” with the European Commission and the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network. 

Its complaint is supported by legal non-profit ClientEarth and the Environmental Coalition on Standards. Read Claudia’s piece for all the details, and the companies’ responses.

Lastly, our colleagues at fDi Intelligence have been monitoring which industries have created the fastest employment growth in relation to foreign investment projects, and discovered that renewable energy came on top.

There is plenty of interesting data in this piece too, including the other fast-growing industries for FDI job creation, and the estimated numbers behind their growth.

Until tomorrow,


Silvia Pavoni is the editor of Sustainable Views 

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