Anita Hawser

Finance, Financials
May 13, 2024

Smaller banks increasingly involved in fossil fuel financing, study finds

JPMorgan and other big banks continue to dominate fossil fuel financing, but an apparent new trend is the ‘stepping in’ of smaller lenders into deals...
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Financials, Sector Focus
March 25, 2024

Banks under pressure to reveal data comparing green and fossil fuel spending

Criticism sparks agreement by JPMorgan and Citigroup to develop a ratio to show whether a bank’s fossil fuel financing is outstripping the amount it is...
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Policy & Regulation
October 11, 2023

What does a ‘better’ World Bank mean for the climate?

World Bank president Ajay Banga plans to start measuring performance based on outputs, rather than inputs, as the organisation tackles global challenges. But ending financing...
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October 3, 2023

Why are banks still financing fossil fuels?

Is it better to engage with fossil fuel companies or to divest? Banks appear to have voted with their funds, as financing continues to be...
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