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Electricity pylons power station in Germany
October 11, 2023

Germany leads race to green Europe’s grid

EU regulation permitting ‘anticipatory investments’ would provide further boost to network upgrades
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September 4, 2023

Regional success puts France in race for EV battery supply chain

Investments into the northern region of Hauts-de-France are giving the country a solid foothold in Europe’s expanding EV battery supply chain. At the northern tip...
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August 8, 2023

Why ProLogium’s gigafactory is in Europe, not the US

Europe chief Gilles Normand explains why the region proved a greater draw than the US Inflation Reduction Act for the Taiwanese battery company. As the...
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Installing solar panels in Africa
June 27, 2023

FMO: supporting ESG developments in emerging markets

The Dutch lender is unlocking SME potential in Egypt, the Sahel, Palestine and beyond. In the world of development finance, FMO stands out for being firmly...
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Ammonia plant
June 13, 2023

Danish tie-up to test nuclear ammonia plant in Indonesia

A consortium led by Copenhagen Atomics has proposed a $4bn project that aims to create the world’s cheapest low-carbon ammonia. A $4bn agreement to build...
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Pylons at sunset
May 22, 2023

Enel calls for better rules to green the grid

Viviana Vitto argues remuneration should be based on total expenditure, not just capex. Over the years, Enel has transformed itself from a traditional utility into...
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Electricity pylons
Policy & Regulation
April 17, 2023

Too green to handle: the ever-stronger case for grid investment

Typical approaches to power infrastructure are not cutting it, but change is afoot. When officials in Montgomery County, just outside Washington DC, decided to electrify the local bus fleet, they...
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January 12, 2022

SDG bonds: private funds, public goals

A new asset class drives sustainable development on multiple fronts Capital markets have become a driving force in the race towards a sustainable future, and political leaders have taken note....
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Sector Focus
December 2, 2021

Angola faces hydrocarbon dilemma

The country is not ready to sacrifice its oil and gas reserves on the energy transition altar Angola’s president wants to attract more investment into hydrocarbons, which will continue to...
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