Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Policy & Regulation, Singapore
March 27, 2024

Could the Asean taxonomy help standardise south-east Asia’s ESG efforts?   

South-east Asia’s diverse economies are striving for a common language to drive the region’s green credentials, but country-specific characteristics make this a complex task
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EU, Indonesia, Policy & Regulation
March 11, 2024

Can new standards and credits tackle the legacy of plastic pollution?

With low recycling rates and growth in primary production, experts are divided over whether plastic credits can help make the sector more sustainable, or if...
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EU, Indonesia, Policy & Regulation
February 8, 2024

EU Deforestation Regulation dubbed a ‘double-edged sword’ for global palm oil markets

Indonesia and Malaysia have called the EUDR ‘discriminatory and punitive’, and threatened to file a WTO complaint against the EU
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Indonesia, Mexico, Policy & Regulation
January 8, 2024

The rise, costs and complexities of coral reef insurance

Coral reef insurance has been hailed as an important new protection mechanism for coastal resilience, but setting up such schemes remains complex
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Indonesia, Malaysia, Policy & Regulation, Singapore, Vietnam
November 2, 2023

Asean countries ambivalent about EU CBAM

The European bloc’s largest trading partners in south-east Asia are concerned the carbon border adjustment mechanism could dent both their exports and overall GDP, but...
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Suralaya coal-fired power plant emissions
October 2, 2023

Indonesia’s coal transition under scrutiny following JETP delayed plans

Experts have questioned Indonesia’s energy transition plans after the country’s authorities indicated that coal-fired power plants could be considered green under its taxonomy
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September 12, 2023

Indonesia’s carbon exchange launch may face further delay

If Indonesia misses a September deadline to unveil its first carbon exchange market, authorities will be under pressure to ensure launch ahead of 2024’s presidential elections
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Carbon capture power plant in the US
Indonesia, Policy & Regulation
March 22, 2023

Indonesia targets CCS technology to meet ESG goals

Indonesia’s natural resources and energy ministry has introduced new regulations to assist oil and gas producers with the “economics of the implementation” of carbon capture and storage facilities. The Indonesia...
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