Claudia De Meulemeester

Container vessels and shipping containers at a the port of Tanjung Pelepas in Malaysia
Policy & Regulation, Transport
May 2, 2024

Could wind energy help shipping cut its emissions sooner?

Seen as one of the hardest industries to decarbonise, shipping is facing tough investment decisions, with some campaigners promoting wind propulsion as a valid alternative...
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The sculpture Giant Plastic Tap by Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong, outside the UN negotiations in Ottawa
Canada, Policy & Regulation
April 30, 2024

Finance gains traction in plastics treaty negotiations

An open-ended expert group has been established to develop options for a financial mechanism to be included in the final treaty text
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EU, Europe, Policy & Regulation, UK, US
April 26, 2024

In Brief: EU parliament rubber-stamps CSDDD; US imposes strict rules on carbon pollution from power plants

The latest ESG policy and regulatory news
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Policy & Regulation, UK
April 25, 2024

UK Climate Change Act remains legally sound 15 years on, experts say

Despite recent government backtracking on climate policies, the UK’s landmark legislation is still widely seen as a success
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Emerging Markets, Europe, Policy & Regulation
April 15, 2024

Move to toughen up ‘ecocide’ legislation continues to gain traction

Criminalising environmental offences won’t necessarily lead to more convictions – but campaigners hope it could drive a change in corporate behaviour
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Europe, Policy & Regulation, Switzerland
April 9, 2024

Swiss ruling could set precedent for EU and UK climate accountability

Companies, as well as governments, should take note of the ECHR decision that Switzerland has violated the European Convention on Human Rights by failing to...
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Energy, Financials, Policy & Regulation, Transport
March 28, 2024

IMO talks dodge question on future distribution of shipping emission revenues

While negotiations continued behind closed doors on how to price maritime carbon emissions, the UN has yet to determine a suitable governance framework to disperse any revenues raised
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Car and van parked
Policy & Regulation, US
March 21, 2024

US releases ‘strongest-ever’ emissions reduction standards for cars and vans

By 2032, relative to existing standards, new rules by the US regulator will nearly half emissions from cars and trucks and result in a 44% cut from vans and pickups
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Policy & Regulation, Transport
March 14, 2024

Why trade disruptions are bad news for shipping’s decarbonisation targets

Maritime trade routes continue to be severely restricted, while negotiations on a controversial global shipping levy also resume this week. Experts warn there is no easy solution to either challenge
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EU, Indonesia, Policy & Regulation
March 11, 2024

Can new standards and credits tackle the legacy of plastic pollution?

With low recycling rates and growth in primary production, experts are divided over whether plastic credits can help make the sector more sustainable, or if they will simply enable greenwashing
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Energy, Europe
February 26, 2024

Polish lawsuit puts board directors’ due diligence obligations in spotlight

Polish energy company Enea has received approval from shareholders to sue former management and insurers over a failed coal investment, in a case that shares similarities with the 2023 UK...
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