Florence Jones

Food & Farming, Policy & Regulation
April 16, 2024

Why cash, not regulation, may hold key to halting deforestation

With some areas suffering record losses, it appears paying people not to cut down trees might be the best way to keep the world’s remaining...
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EU, Policy & Regulation
April 4, 2024

AI’s energy-hungry data centres bring sustainability challenges

Data centres have expanded in line with the growing demand for AI. Now experts are calling for transparency regarding their environmental impact
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Sector Focus, Transport
March 19, 2024

With better planning and investment, EV uptake could offer storage and grid flexibility

As sales of electric vehicle rise, policymakers should be looking at how to maximise the benefits – and provide an ‘efficient transportation ecosystem’, according to...
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Women in the boardroom
March 8, 2024

In Charts: While more women are reaching board level, they’re still missing out on ‘top jobs’

Increasing the number of women in senior positions can drive sustainability, with research showing women’s leadership boosts climate investments
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Retail & Consumer, Sector Focus
March 6, 2024

Despite its packaging pledges, the fashion industry continues to clothe us in plastic

Fashion brands say they are reducing their plastic packaging, but non-profits suggest that with 63 per cent of textiles being made from plastic, this rather...
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Heat pump delivery in France
Data, Europe, Policy & Regulation, UK
March 4, 2024

In Charts: 2023 European heat pump sales slump ‘not a surprise’ to industry

European heat pump sales drop for the first time in a decade as industry calls for policy certainty
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Data, Policy & Regulation, UK
February 26, 2024

In Charts: UK clean energy investment jumps in 2023 but ‘acceleration’ still needed

UK clean energy investment increased dramatically between 2022 and 2023, according to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance – but experts urge policymakers not to rest on their laurels
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Policy & Regulation
February 15, 2024

‘Tens of billions’ needed to scale up sustainable aviation fuel ahead of 2030

The aviation industry insists sustainable aviation fuels will help decarbonise flights, but experts say it is time for a reality check
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Woman in a fast-fashion store
Retail & Consumer, Sector Focus
February 12, 2024

Could due diligence legislation end the fashion industry’s ‘pervasive lack of transparency’?

The global fast-fashion industry is detrimental to both the planet and people. Experts say voluntary initiatives have been ‘ineffective’ and legislation is the only way to ensure accountability
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Wind turbines at sunset
January 29, 2024

In Charts: Global sustainable funds suffer record outflows in 2023

Global sustainable funds fell into negative territory for the first time in the final quarter of 2023
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Toyota cars in showroom and logo
Europe, Policy & Regulation, Transport
January 26, 2024

Toyota’s ‘electrified’ campaign is ‘textbook case of greenwashing’, consumer watchdog says

Consumer watchdog Ekō has accused leading car retailer Toyota of greenwashing by labelling hybrid vehicles as ‘electrified’, but Toyota insists the label is accurate
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