Florence Jones

Oil exploration platform rig
Policy & Regulation
December 1, 2023

Petrostates set to lose over half their oil revenues from energy transition

Petrostates whose revenue is dependent on oil and gas must diversify their economies, Carbon Tracker warns, as leaders at COP28 are being urged by certain...
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African Penguin, biodiversity
Financials, Policy & Regulation
November 30, 2023

How banks can bridge the $700bn annual biodiversity finance gap

Nature and climate change should be tackled together, says the UNEP Finance Initiative in guidance for banks published ahead of COP28
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Coal-fired power plant in Germany
November 30, 2023

In Charts: UK, Canada and Germany call for coal phase-out despite own addictions

The UK, Canada and Germany are leading a push against coal as COP28 kicks off, despite failing to phase out the fuel themselves. The vast...
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Bamboo dishes and cutlery
EU, Policy & Regulation, Retail & Consumer, US
November 21, 2023

Research casts doubt on the biodegradability claims of bioplastics

A new study suggests that final products should be tested under real-world conditions
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Heatwave Hits in Paris in July 2023
Policy & Regulation
November 20, 2023

Net zero pledges will mean 2.5C-2.9C of warming, UN warns

Even in the most optimistic scenario, the world’s chances of meeting the 1.5C target are only 14 per cent, the UN Environment Programme has calculated
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Wildfires in Canada July 2023
Capital Flows
November 20, 2023

Catastrophe bond market grows as extreme weather events increase

As storms, floods and fires linked to climate change become more frequent, catastrophe bonds are increasingly being used as an alternative to insurance, with potential...
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High-rise building in city
Policy & Regulation
November 17, 2023

OECD: $100bn a year climate finance target likely met

The OECD has published its Climate Finance Package 2023, which predicts that developed countries probably reached their goal to provide $100bn a year in climate finance as early as 2022
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Policy & Regulation
November 16, 2023

Companies failing to provide ‘detailed, quantified and financed’ net zero targets

Research shows top-polluting companies’ climate transition plans are light on both detail and credibility – but investors expect much more information on how net zero targets will be achieved
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Knowledge Hub
November 15, 2023

Investors should consider environmental risks of fertiliser industry, says report

Non-profit financial thinktank Planet Tracker finds that the nitrogen-based fertiliser industry is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, which could be a risk for investors
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Chevron oil rig
Data, Policy & Regulation
November 6, 2023

In Charts: US oil production remains strong despite Biden’s clean energy policy

US crude oil production reached record levels this year, notwithstanding the government’s focus on clean energy ahead of next year’s election
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Rishi Sunak, UK prime minister
Policy & Regulation, UK
November 3, 2023

UK pursues ‘pragmatic’ approach to net zero despite calls for greater ambition

The UK government says it will approach net zero with ‘pragmatism not ideology’, much to the consternation of environmentalists, industry and investors
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