Australia, Energy, EU, Europe, Litigation, Policy & Regulation, UK
May 10, 2024

In Brief: US EPA issues final methane emissions reporting rule; Australia publishes ‘Future gas strategy’

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Asset Management, Australia, Litigation, Policy & Regulation
April 9, 2024

Australian regulator posts greenwashing warning following victory against Vanguard

Financial watchdog ASIC wins its first civil action for greenwashing, as Australia’s Federal Court rules against asset manager Vanguard over misleading claims
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Australia, Japan, Litigation, Policy & Regulation, US
April 5, 2024

In Brief: Esma targets credit rating agencies’ ESG methodologies; climate litigation heats up in Europe

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Australia, Carbon Markets, Policy & Regulation
April 3, 2024

Market uncertainty as Australian government delays updating carbon accounting method

Australia’s integrated farm and land management methodology would combine various approaches to capturing and storing carbon, but there are fears it could lead to confusion
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Australia, EU, Netherlands, Policy & Regulation, UK, US
March 22, 2024

In Brief: UK opens CBAM consultation; SEC climate rules challenges to be heard by Eighth Circuit

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Australia, Europe, Litigation, Netherlands, Policy & Regulation, US
March 15, 2024

In Brief: Sovereign pension fund faces OECD complaint; NGO set to proceed with ING climate lawsuit

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Australia, Climate Finance, Policy & Regulation
January 30, 2024

Australia’s climate disclosure law shows ‘high ambition’ for sustainable finance

Traditionally considered a climate laggard, Australia should soon be brought closer to leaders in the field, such as the EU, by proposed government legislation
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Australia, Canada, EU, Europe, Food & Farming, Policy & Regulation, Singapore, Transport, UK, US
December 8, 2023

In Brief: Singapore launches taxonomy with transition category; Canada releases oil emissions cap regulation

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LNG tanker approaching Tokyo port
Australia, Policy & Regulation
November 6, 2023

Australia-Japan talks over LNG export tensions leave experts unconvinced

Recent policy changes in Australia have alarmed the Japanese government, which relies on its southern partner for energy supplies and has warned about ‘sovereign risk’
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September 14, 2023

Tougher action against greenwashing expected from Australian competition commission

With claims of alleged greenwashing on the rise, the competition watchdog has published draft guidance for companies, warning them to provide evidence to back up their sustainability claims – or...
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Lithiun mining in Australia
Australia, US
June 15, 2023

Australian firms eye huge US backing following critical materials deal

The critical minerals agreement signed between the US and Australia paves the way for Washington’s clean technology standards to play a bigger role across the Indo-Pacific. On the sidelines of...
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