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January 26, 2024

In Brief: EU parliament votes to delay sector-specific ESRS; UN special rapporteur slams UK handling of climate protestors

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EU, Financials, Policy & Regulation
January 23, 2024

ECB urged to introduce ‘green’ and ‘brown’ interest rates after Macron appeal

Non-profit Reclaim Finance is among those echoing calls from French President Emmanuel Macron for variable borrowing rates that encourage green investment
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Offshore wind turbines, cleantech
EU, Policy & Regulation
January 22, 2024

Europe’s cleantech industry grows impatient for more ambitious investment policies

A year on from the announcement of the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan, cleantech experts call for ‘a clear offer on investment’ rather than ‘just...
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January 17, 2024

ESG shareholder proposals have a future but are not the only route to change

Research shows US asset managers are withdrawing their backing for ESG shareholder resolutions, while support from their European counterparts is rising
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EU, Policy & Regulation
January 16, 2024

Non-profits launch yet another challenge against EU taxonomy

After challenging the European Commission decision to allow gas and nuclear power to be considered ‘sustainable’ under its taxonomy, environmental groups are now taking the...
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EU, Europe, Policy & Regulation
January 16, 2024

What’s in store for EU climate policy in 2024?

With EU elections five months away, the bloc’s legislative process is expected to slow down. However, Poland’s new government and Hungary’s holding of the council...
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Scales of justice
EU, Policy & Regulation, UK
January 11, 2024

How criminal law is seeping into the climate debate

While several climate activists have been sent to prison for their involvement in disruptive protests, legislation is now also being strengthened to impose criminal sanctions on individuals found responsible for...
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mangrove reforestation project
Carbon Markets, EU, US
January 4, 2024

Experts call for more regulation on carbon markets

Carbon markets were dogged by scandal, political tensions and negative media coverage in 2023. Regulation could help to restore confidence in 2024
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Carbon Markets, EU
December 20, 2023

EU defends its COP28 Article 6 negotiating position

Failed Article 6 negotiations at COP28 marked a sorry end to a challenging year for carbon markets
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EU, Policy & Regulation
December 19, 2023

Brussels Briefing: EU not on track to meet emissions targets, says European Commission

Pathways to net zero should ‘make sense for the public and companies’, says Teresa Ribera, the Spanish minister for the ecological transition, as analysis shows the EU may miss 2030...
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Brazil, EU, Germany, Policy & Regulation, UK, US
December 15, 2023

In Brief: EU due diligence deal agreed; US regulator faces youth climate lawsuit

The latest ESG policy and regulatory news
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